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"Line Game"

Welcome to our shiny new website, we offer several types of games to play online.
In the line game below, use either the mouse or keyboard to lead the line across the maze,
Your goal is to arrive to the green circle at the end of the road.

About "Line Game"

Line Game is a site dedicated to all kinds of line related games from all around the web, the site will always be totally free. Actually, these games don't have much in common with each other, except the fact that they are all related to these interesting geometric shapes, some of the games will require you to be quick and make your way across a maze, some games will require you to think and act quickly while solving puzzles, and some games are just for fun.
Before we list the games, here is a short introduction of our website's here - the line.
In the field of geometry, a line is merely a straight curve, with only two dimensions, one of the axioms of the Euclidean geometry states that between any two dots, there could be one and only one line that connects them.

Anyway, after this short introduction of its geometrical attributes, we can go ahead and introduce the fun games that involve two dimensional lines!

The "Line Game" is one of the most addictive flash games that I have ever met. I even took a lot of time to write this review as I was busy playing it.
The Line Game has several editions and its last edition was Line Game orange edition, featuring an orange trail line that you can control through mouse of keyboard. The whole point of the game is to manage to pass the line through simple mazes without hitting the moving objects on the battle field. There are several levels to play ranging from easy wide passages to tight corners with needle thin passages.
The download time of the game is very short which make it a perfect choice for those who want to kill few minutes while waiting for something to download or arrive in the e-mail. Just take care as it is highly addictive and you can spend the rest of the day playing it.

The sound track of the game is very nice featuring a quick tempo light music that will surely cheer you up will you are playing. The track is relatively long and its beginning goes well with its ending notes so you will not feel a bounce with every loop. The sound effects are very nice too as you can hear the crowd voices when you hit the wall. The sound track was composed by a Swedish musician called Djur. He also composed the sound track of another flash game called "what the flip?" for arcade panic too.

The line Game graphics are very simple yet, very crisp. Although all what you are seeing on the screen is a line and geometrical moving figures it still looks very nice and attractive. The colors are bright and cheerful so you will never feel bored. The figures are relatively large in size so they appear very friendly and you feel that you are inside the game not playing it through your computer.
The Line Game controls are very simple; you can use your mouse of the arrows on your Keyboard to maneuver the orange line through the mazes of different levels. The easy controls are very important for flash game players as it is inconvenient to review the game instructions every time you manage to play in order to remember the controls. In other words, the controls of this game are obvious and you will find out how they work without any difficulties.

Draw then play is a unique game, half a puzzle, half an action game, where you navigate your character from the start point to the white flag, to do so, you should first draw the ground which the character will step on, you can do so using your mouse, then navigate him through the obstacles to the flag using the keyboard.
After the first few levels, you will find out that it is not an easy task at all, Some levels contain water drops that will erase the lines you've painted, some will contain cannons that will bomb the lines and erase them, and so on, you will find that levels are becoming harder and harder.

Line Game, and Line Game Orange edition, are classic line games, where you navigate your line across the maze and lead it to the green circle which marks the exit of the maze, While moving around, you need to avoid all moving things and obstacles, and stay on the black path, sometimes you will have few alternate paths you'll need to choose from, and not all of them will lead you to the exit point, so be careful.
In the orange edition, there is also a time limit, and save points along the road, which make the game much more interesting and challenging. Snow line is a fun Christmas game, your goal is to draw the way for Santa's sledge so he can collect all the presents in the screen, again, you will have few hazardous objects along the way, and the levels will become very challenging as you make your way to the top of the snowing mountain.
Another type of line game, is the classic Snake Game, one of the most beloved line games ever created or Tetris where you need to fit all sorts of lines in rows.

In conclusion, we made an effort to bring you the best variety of line game, we believe you will enjoy them (hope you won't get too addicted...) if you like the games, or if you want us to add more similar games, please drop us a line, you can find our details in the "contact us" page.

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